theme 01 by coltnposey: “give me love”
static preview | pastebin

  • 245px sidebar
  • 6 total links (1 & 2 are home and ask) + 4 custom links
  • shown tags
  • 400px or 500px posts

You can edit it as much as you want :)



theme h (08): xavier by stves (static preview/code)


  • 400px or 500px posts
  • 4 customizable links
  • color options
  • 225px fixed sidebar
  • option to turn tags on hover
  • option to have collapsible notes
  • updates tab included (option to turn it on/off)

general theme rules apply! likes and reblogs appreciated :-)



theme 12 by cedricdiggery | whirlpool 

for the Theme Village’s Summer’s End Theme Fest

static preview A | static preview B | code


  • 500px posts
  • 5 custom circular links 
  • 100% tall sidebar
  • optional 255px sidebar image*
  • description on hover
  • pagination at the bottom of the page
  • tooltips included
  • optional shadows for tooltips
  • optional crosshair cursor
  • optional lazy load

use this website if you want to change the color of your title on hover

*if you do not want a sidebar image, you can use a plain color for the sidebar instead

please follow the rules, and like or reblog if using!



  • 250px, 400px, or 500px posts (make sure you choose only one)
  • 80px sidebar image
  • 5 links
  • hover info + tags
  • small cursor
  • border is an option

rulesstatic preview | code 

please like/reblog if you’re using or thinking about using it, and if you have any problems feel free to ask me!




Gasoline: Live Preview · Code

Sink: Live Preview · Code

Vices: Live Preview · Code

Bed: Live Preview · Code

These themes are used to showcase everyone that you follow. 
In Customize, add a Custom Layout page and enter the coding there.

All appearance options must be changed manually.

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theme 26 - apathy by melodypcnd

preview & code

option for 400 or 500px posts (you must select only one of these or the theme won’t work correctly)

5 customizable links with tooltip titles

225px sidebar image, title, and description

post info hovers in from the left

more links: my themestheme networksupport

please like/reblog if using! enjoy (◡‿◡✿)